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Coilover Suspension Street MTS Technik - MTSGWBM38

Street: The Street series suspension is the default configuration of MTS Technik engineers, it guarantees a wide range of lowering and a balance between comfort and stiffness.

MTS Technik Coilover Suspension - the perfect choice for drivers who appreciate the flexibility and the ability to adjust the suspension altitudes depending on your preference and road conditions. Stiffening of the suspension makes the car better to drive, more predictable and more secure.

Optimum alignment of the MTS Technik coilover suspension components causes recognition of the growing number of users. Large rims in the summer, smaller in the winter - thanks to MTS Technik coilover kits You can adjust the ride height to Your needs.
Coilover Suspension Street MTS Technik - MTSGWBM38

MTS technik - STREET koiloveru komplekts BMW 5er / E61

  • Modelis: MTSGWBM38
  • Pieejamība: Pieejams
  • 749,00€
  • 700,99€